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Children must be taught

how to think, not what to think.

Know Us

The Iconic School located in the heart of Incredible India, Bhopal, is an initiative of Neeraj Bulchandani & Baby Muskan Memorial Charitable Trust. Amongst other objectives, the Trust is dedicated to the cause of spreading education. The Iconic School, developed by the Trust is inclined towards phenomenon based learning so that the students get connected to real life and are provided quality education while retaining Indian values.

Our Vision

To give to the world "Icons" who can win the hearts and minds of others, put service before self, and retain their humility and values even as they soar high.

Our Mission


School in Bhopal

To develop an understanding & appreciation of the global dimension of our world; making our children appreciative of their history, culture & traditions, whilst being open to other cultures and alternative views of the world.

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To provide a local and global dimension in curriculum and pedagogy by offering a blend of nationally and internationally acclaimed educational programmes that will help to foster the all-round development of children.

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To build a community of competent and caring educators, with rich experience and multi-cultural perspectives, and provide them continued professional development opportunities.

School in Bhopal

To inspire young minds to think creatively and laterally, solve problems and develop a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

School in Bhopal

To provide a safe, secure & inclusive environment in which each child can enjoy learning and strive for excellence

School in Bhopal

Also to create opportunities for children to step beyond the confines of classroom learning to explore new places and adventures.