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Children must be taught

how to think, not what to think.

The Iconic Approach

Singular Focus; Multiple Intelligences.

At The Iconic School, our singular focus is to strengthen competencies needed to be autonomous, lifelong learners. A wide range of multi-dimensional activities are organized which go a long way in propelling self-belief, confidence in decision making and problem solving along with chiselling of soft skills. A strong requirement today is to simultaneously weave a firm moral fibre in the student's personality. The entire learning experience at Iconic is modelled on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This theory differentiates intelligence into specific modalities, rather than seeing it as a single general ability. The key to achieving this goal is to pursue a value based education process that acts as a nucleus around which all our school activities revolve. Extreme importance is given to the fact that emotional stability plays a very significant role in the healthy growth of a child, which is established through developing a genuine personal rapport with our children. This accessible and interactive methodology also helps in discovering and strengthening inherent talent in our students.

The Iconic School in Bhopal
The Iconic School in Bhopal

Teaching Methodology

You can teach a child what has already been discovered; but the real soul of education lies in empowering students to set off on a journey of discovery by themselves - which pushes them to achieve greater things and become better human beings. Our teachers and teaching philosophy revolve around the same essence - of assisting students discover themselves and what they learn. State-of-art digital assets become an aid to organic learning experiences that culminate in the overall development of students.