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Children must be taught

how to think, not what to think.


The educational infrastructure at The Iconic School combines the best of two worlds – the timeless knowledge of ancient wisdom and the technological prowess of tomorrow’s technology. Digital classrooms and learning resources enhance their ability to take their experiences further and convert them into expertise. State-of-the-art science, maths and computer laboratories urge students to discover the art behind the science.

school laboratory


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and life to everything. A wide range of meticulously selected books provides a sanctum of research, discussions, reflection, compilation as well as pleasure reading. The libraries at The Iconic School, different for each stage of learning,- house the energy that fuels the imagination of children.

Health & Nutrition

Counselling by food & nutrition experts and regular health check-ups help children realise the importance of a healthy life. The students’ health is supervised by a well-qualified and experienced Doctor. The school has its own infirmary under the charge of a resident doctor and qualified resident nurses. At the beginning of each term, each child has to undergo a routine medical examination. Ailments are attended to under careful guidance and children are taken to specialists as required. Weekly visits are also conducted by the ophthalmologist who is on the panel of specialists.

At The Iconic School, we promote a healthy and balanced diet to all our students. Right from early ages, every effort is taken to imbibe healthy eating habits. An in-house canteen serves delicious and healthy food, prepared with the highest safety standards in our state of the art kitchen. Not only this, every child is encouraged to learn basic cooking. Home Science labs attract the students to develop this basic necessity into a culinary skill.

health and nutrition

Outreach & Exposure

You cannot become a true citizen of the world unless you have seen the world around you. With our outreach, industrial visits, educational tours and international exchange programs, our students get access to a world of opportunities – bringing them closer to varied cultures, people and mind-sets. These programs also give importance to community service and social outreach programs within our own community – thus helping students to implement what they have learnt in their own lives and surroundings.

Parent Partnership

Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. While teachers are there at the front of the classroom, it's the family you come home to, who provides an essential foundation for academic success. That's why we believe that parental involvement in school is so important.

Close communication is at the core of our partnership approach. Keeping guardians in the loop regarding their child's progress is an essential part of what we do. From consultation evenings and written reports, to an ‘open door’ policy, which ensures parents can speak with us at any stage. We keep all-important channels of communication wide open.

Career Counselling

The School has a Counselling Cell which organizes and supervises counselling for students to prepare them for life after school. The aim of the Counselling department is to empower the students to make informed choices for subjects and careers, after identifying and recognizing their personal aptitudes, interests and abilities. The Counselling department organizes seminars and training modules to prepare the students with skills and attitudes necessary for academic and professional life.

school career counselling

Counselling activities encompass the following :

  • Helping students to identify their areas of interest and aptitude.
  • Guiding students about application processes in India and abroad.
  • Providing updated information about various institutions, courses and careers.
  • Giving sustained support in the admission process that includes collating and dispatching transcripts, writing out recommendation letters, predicted grades and school profiles and helping with the Personal Statements to be submitted.