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The world today attaches equal importance to academic as well as non-academic performance. With a string of alternate career options that have started catching the interest of the new generation, performing arts has proved to be a game changer for students. The Iconic School has established clubs, which help develop the all round personality of the icons by instilling a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, team spirit, self discipline and self confidence. It moulds a student into an all-round, emotionally intelligent and interpersonally skilled individual.
The young icons follow their passion in Service, Skill, Sport and Study. The four disciplines form the key elements for delivering quality in education. A record of the club activities undertaken throughout the year is maintained in a Record Book.
Experts from the respective fields act as moderators and the students are also given the opportunity to organize the activities of the clubs.

Performing Art


Skill Oriented

Indian Instrumental
Quiz Robotics
Western Instrumental
Debating Society
– English and Hindi
Martial Arts
- Contemporary
Movement to Unite Nations (MUN) Personality Development
Indian Classical
- Vocal
Health and Wellness
– English and Hindi
Fine Arts
Best out of Waste