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The Iconic School in Bhopal

Health & Nutrition

Counselling by food & nutrition experts and regular health check-ups help children realise the importance of a healthy life. The students’ health is supervised by a well-qualified and experienced Doctor. The school has its own infirmary under the charge of a resident doctor and qualified resident nurses. At the beginning of each term, each child has to undergo a routine medical examination. Ailments are attended to under careful guidance and children are taken to specialists as required. Weekly visits are also conducted by the ophthalmologist who is on the panel of specialists.

At The Iconic School, we promote a healthy and balanced diet to all our students. Right from early ages, every effort is taken to imbibe healthy eating habits. An in-house canteen serves delicious and healthy food, prepared with the highest safety standards in our state of the art kitchen. Not only this, every child is encouraged to learn basic cooking. Home Science labs attract the students to develop this basic necessity into a culinary skill.