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Co-curricular activities play a significant role in developing skill sets in the students. The activities are designed keeping in mind balance with academic curriculum so that students learn beyond the classroom walls. Such activities help develop all round personality by instilling a sense of competitive spirit, co¬operation, leadership, team spirit, self discipline and self confidence. This moulds the student into a well-rounded, emotionally intelligent and interpersonally skilled individual.

We provide ample opportunities to the students to participate in various Intra-class, Inter-class and Inter-House competitions such as debates, elocution, declamation, story-telling, quiz, dance, music, painting, photography, drama, sports etc.

Events and celebrations are an integral part of our curriculum. It helps students to develop respect and understanding for various traditions and cultural beliefs.

School Assemblyis conducted everyday which helps students to develop a habit of living a disciplined life. We ensure that each child gets opportunity to speak confidently in school assembly.

Inter-House Competitions

Story-telling Competition

Constitution Day – Quiz Competition

Group Folk Dance Competition

Fireless Cooking Competition

Events & Celebrations

Iconic Fiesta

Havan on the occasion of New Year

Children’s Day Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Dussehra Celebration

Grandparents’ Day Celebration

Garba Celebration

Republic Day Celebration

School Assemblies

Human Rights Day

Gandhi Jayanti


Gas Tragedy Day