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Health and Physical Education (HPE)

“Sports for All and All for Sports”

A Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body. Health Education and Physical Education are not only significant for triumph in the student’s life but it is a key to achievement in every stride of life. The Iconic School strives to provide a healthy environment through integration of health education, physical education and mental well-being in curriculum.

Our Health and Physical education program is in alignment with the guidelines of CBSE and NCERT. Health and Physical Education is prescribed as a compulsory subject at the Primary (Classes/Grades I-V), Upper Primary (Classes/Grades VI-VIII) and Secondary stages (Classes/Grades IX-X) and as an optional subject at Higher Secondary stage (Classes/Grades XI-XII).

Primary School (I – V)

Physical Education Cards (PEC) as per CBSE are used for providing inclusive and interesting experiences to the children at the primary school stage and facilitating the process of engaging with them intensively in games and activities focused particularly on agility, balance, co-ordination, speed and strength. The PEC Methodology ensures that every student participates in physical education activities equally. Each card provides essential information needed for engaging all students of a class in the selected game or activity.

Upper Primary/ Middle School (VI-VIII)

During middle school years, students become more able in their skills and techniques. They also learn to apply them to different activities and sports. Having experienced all the games till junior school, this is the time when they begin to lean towards specialization. Specialized sports are offered at this stage such as Cricket, Skating, Soccer, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis etc. The four strands of HPE curriculum are implemented at the middle school stage.

Secondary & Senior Secondary (IX –XII)

At this stage, The Iconic School strictly follows CBSE guidelines on Health and Physical Education (H.P.E.) issued via circular dated 25-04-2018 for classes IX-XII. The four strands of H.P.E. which have been introduced to the students and the teachers are mentioned below and all activities are strictly planned as per the four strands.

Strand 1- Games and Sports

Skating - Aim High, Never Give Up

Skating - Fly on Skates

Soccer - Live It, Love It

Soccer - Go After Your Goals

Basket Ball - Play Like Never Before

Basket Ball- Play with Power Tool

Cricket - The Game is ON

Track & Field - Fun Begins Here

Chess - The Mind Game

Strand 2- Health and Fitness

Yoga - Revive Your Spirit

Fitness - Run for Fun

Hand Wash Campaign

Indigenous Games For Fitness

Let's Play Till the end

Physical Fitness - Fun Races

Poshan Mela - Healthy eating habits

Fireless Cooking - Healthy Eating Habits

Hurdles - A game of fitness

Strand 3- SEWA

Go Green, Save Environment

Grandparents Day - SEWA

Mask Up - Covid Awareness Drive

Nukad Natak - Community Awareness Drive

Love Animals - SEWA

Eye Check Up Camp For Villagers

Strand 4 – Health and Activity Record

Covid Vaccination Drive - 15-18 Years

Covid Vaccination Drive - 15 - 18 Years

I am vaccinated