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Student Council

The Student Council provides an opportunity for students to engage in a structured partnership with teachers and students in the operation of the school. Student Council creates a sense of ownership towards the school. The main role of a Student Council is to promote the interests of the school and increase the involvement of students. A Student Council can set its own objectives. Some general objectives include: - To enhance effective communication between students and teachers.
- To maintain the discipline and decorum of the school.
- To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development.
- To promote friendship and respect among pupils.
- To support the faculty in the development of the school.
- To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them.
- To develop a sense of responsibility amongst the students to maintain cleanliness in the classrooms and the surroundings.
- To be self-disciplined.

Student Council 2021-22

Investiture Ceremony

Swear-in Ceremony

Pinning the badges to Student Leaders

Name Grade Post
Alankriti Dube XII Humanities School Captain
Riya Gupta XI Commerce School Vice Captain
Satvik Roy XII Commerce Sports Captain
Sahaj Nigam XI Science Sports Vice Captain
Sarthak Singh XII Humanities Editor In Chief
Priyanshi Parihar X Sub Editor
Atharva Gontiya IX Sub Editor
Parv Sharma IX Sub Editor
Abhimanyu Tomar XII Humanities Jade House Captain
Kirti Mewada XI Humanities Jade House Vice Captain
Ishan Jain XII Science Ruby House Captain
Varun Tiwari XI Science Ruby House Vice Captain
Monika XII Science Sapphire House Captain
-- -- Sapphire House Vice Captain
Priyansh Parihar XII Commerce Topaz House Captain
Somya Shekhar XI Science Topaz House Vice Captain

Student Council 2020-21

Investiture Ceremony

Swear-in Ceremony

Name Grade Post
Alankriti Dube XI Humanities School Captain
Krishna Soni X Sports Captain
Akshita Sharma X Editor In Chief
Abhimanyu Tomar XI Humanities Jade House Captain
-- -- Jade House Vice Captain
Abhinav Bhandari XI Commerce Ruby House Captain
Hiren Jain X Ruby House Vice Captain
Sarthak Singh XI Humanities Sapphire House Captain
Sumant Marele X Sapphire House Vice Captain
Isha Sagar Shrivas XI Commerce Topaz House Captain
Aparna Kushwaha X Topaz House Vice Captain

Student Council 2018-19

School Captain Yashi Agrawal
Sports Captain Krishna Soni
Editor-in-Chief Tanisha Agrawal


Jade House Captain Naman Sinha
Jade Vice-House Captain Kartik Marale
Topaz House Captain Ansh Budhwani
Topaz Vice-House Captain Aparna Kushwaha
Sapphire House Captain Alankriti Dube
Sapphire Vice-House Captain Prakhar Verma
Ruby House Captain Niyati Sinha
Ruby Vice-House Captain Hiren Jain