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Big thinking precedes great achievement.

Pre Primary


Senior Secondary

The process of study and acquirements turns into a whole new dimension at the senior secondary level. This is where students’ lives go into a corporeal administration. It determines the approach of education and is much more deliberate and accomplished. At the senior secondary level, the school follows the CBSE curriculum for the courses of study and strictly adheres to the guidelines issued for the scheme of studies and scheme of examination.

Academic school

Hinging on the human factor

Humanities offers a vibrant bouquet of subjects and courses that can equip students to excel in any field. Subjects falling under the ambit of humanities have a strong human angle and allow an understanding of people and mechanics of society. Some of the subjects that students of humanities stream can look at-

History – which opens doors to a career in civil services, journalism, archeology, academics, etc.

Political Science -which covers fields like civil services, law, journalism, international relations, social work, public policy, etc.

Psychology – It opens avenues in the field of criminal psychology, child psychology, occupational psychology, etc.

Sociology– It encompasses fields like cultural traditions, family relations, gerontology, criminology, demography, social welfare, etc.

Geography – It opens avenues in fields like surveys, planning, travel, market research, cartography, etc.

Economics– It paves the way for career in planning and research, financial and risk analyst, data analysis, investments etc.

Score a point with science

Today, education hinges heavily on courses in STEM, an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This stream churns out critical thinkers, problem solvers and next generation innovators. To enable the students to follow their passion in pure and applied science courses, they can opt for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. This opens career options in medicine, engineering, veterinary science, microbiology, bio-technology, nutrition and dietetics, environment studies, pharmacy, forensic studies, etc.

Cut out for business

It is the business and commerce that drives and connects the world and this is perhaps what drives an increasing number of students towards the commerce stream. Option for commerce serves as a foundation for numerous professional careers such as those in Management, Financial Services, Accountancy, Auditing, Taxation, Stock Markets, besides academics and research. At Senior Secondary level, students opt for Business Studies, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Insurance and Business Administration.