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The Iconic School has adopted the “My Good School” educational philosophy that helps young icons follow their passion in Service, Skill, Sport and Study. My Good School works for the personal and social development of an individual by offering an environment where:

  • Experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study, this brings to life learning which would otherwise be theoretical and uncoordinated.
  • By Encouraging students to become involved in activities in the community outside the confines of the school curriculum will help develop their confidence, knowledge and networks.
  • With teachers’ encouraging young people, they can benefit fully from what both the school and outside interests can offer, this can be a key factor in their progressing successfully through adolescence into a fulfilling and rewarding adult life.
  • Education = Service + Skill + Sport + Study
    Education - a score of 10!
    Every person for us is a full 10/10.
    What matters is the emphasis we as individuals give to each of the four S's. For some 'Study' could be full 10, for some 'Sport' could be 10, yet the most complete individuals will value each of the four S's and find themselves.