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Parent Orientation Programme

Date : 11 April, 2020

The Iconic School had organised an Online Parent Orientation Programme on Saturday, April 11, 2020. The parent orientation was conducted with the aim to establish Home-School Collaboration during this unprecedented time of social distancing due to COVID 19. Hence the agenda was to meet virtually to establish the connection between the parents and the school which was missing during these days.

Ms Suman Purohit Das, Principal had conducted the session. The session was attended by 55 parents. She shared about the virtual classes organised by the school, about Google Classroom through which regularly the study material and assignments will be shared. Online assessments will also be conducted through Google Classroom. She urged the parents to support the school and the students by providing technology to them and at the same time engage students in life skill tasks at home such as setting their own study table, helping in kitchen, performing physical activities etc. 

She said that attendance for online classes is mandatory as a child will be missing lots of academics if fails to attend the class. She also introduced the100% attendance reward policy to the parents. The information about the communication through class whatsapp groups was also shared and told parents that the Management, the Principal & the Educators are approachable at anytime in case of any problem related to a class or any assignment. 

The session ended by giving thanks to Ms Shakti Jindal, Director for supporting and guiding us constantly and thanks to all the parents who found time to attend the session from their busy schedule. It is believed that such sessions will surely strengthen the connection between the parents, students and educators.  More such sessions will be conducted in future.