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Splash Pool activity

Date : 30 June, 2017

THE ICONIC SCHOOL                      

Splish Splash Splosh………


Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water. Playing in the water is a desire of every child.

A Splash Pool activity ‘splish splash splosh’ was arranged for the students of Kindergarten. The day was spiced up with lots of fun when the tiny tots were splendidly dressed up in colorful swimming costume for pool fun. The students jumped and romped in water. The tiny tots played with the toys and enjoyed in the water. The kids danced, hopped and jumped on different tunes. The school Principal opined that such leisurely activities are a must for the Kindergarten students and these not only teach them to mix up with their peer groups but also help them to express themselves in a natural way.

The whole event was enjoyed by our tiny tots as it was a relieving activity in the routine and a fun filled start for everyone to enjoy summer session with new zeal.


“Splish splash splosh”… an exciting welcome to the summers.. leisure at the Kindergarten