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My Favourite Things Day

Date : 21 July, 2017

My Favourite Things Day

 ‘My Favourite Things’ the words immediately sail us to our childhood where we as children had numerous favourite things ... right from our toys to our blankets.

To celebrate this attachment and affection with favourite things ‘My Favourite Things Day’ was celebrated at The Iconic School by the kindergarten students on 21st July, 2017. The day started with the morning assembly in the wonder room which was embellished with the children’s favourite things all around. The assembly further lead to a ‘Show and Tell’ session on ‘My Favourite Possession’, where students showcased their favourite possession to their peers and shared their feelings for the same. The possessions included toys, umbrellas, guitar and even the favourite snack.

Further, the children were engaged in making a creative booklet called as ‘My favourite book’ where they decorated the book and pasted cut outs of their favourite food, pet, vegetable and toy on it. They were delighted to take the book as their take away for the day.

An entertaining and lively day for children… where they took bundle of colourful memories with them.