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Enthusiasm marks Children’s Day Fete

Date : 14 November, 2019

“Children’s Day” -  The very word conjures a sense of excitement and a day full of fun-filled activities. This exact essence was replicated at The Iconic School.

The Iconic School organized a Children’s Day Fete of the students, by the students and for the students during school hours. The presence of children, as well as the parents of kindergarten, was remarkable.

The Class educators and students together set up games stalls and decorated them with great ideas. Game stalls such as Hit the Bulls Eye, Feed the Clown, Spot your Black, Game of Luck and Memory game kept everyone entertained. The students not only gave their innovative ideas in designing the games but also had a good start towards learning entrepreneurship skills. The food stalls were a delight to the taste buds of the students, prepared under the school chef's expert guidance and organised with a parent-school partnership.

The students had a great time and surely have a memory to cherish. The fete committee, parent body worked tirelessly to prepare for the day.