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how to think, not what to think.


Workshop on Professional Learning Programme and My Good School

Date : 31 October, 2019


The professional learning community (PLC) in a school should emphasize three basic components: collaborative work and dialogue among school personnel; a strong and consistent focus on pedagogy within that collaborative work; and the gathering of assessment and other data to inquire into and evaluate progress and problems over time. A strong professional learning community brings together the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of teachers and administrators to promote shared learning and improvements.

A workshop on Professional Learning Programme and My Good School was held in The Iconic School on 31st October, 2019. Mr Sandeep Dutt, School Coach, and Mr R P Devgan, Chairperson, Learning Forward India conducted the workshop, whereby all the educators of The Iconic School participated.

The Iconic School has adopted the My Good School Program which helps empower students by creating an environment for the personal and social development of an individual. It offers an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study, brings to life learning that would otherwise be theoretical and uncoordinated.