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World Population day

Date : 11 July, 2017

There is a huge population explosion around the globe. It is reported that every 12 years, another billion people are added to the globe’s population. Keeping this in mind, The Iconic School celebrated world population day on 11th, July. The students were made aware about the overall impact of population explosion by providing the students with the opportunity to highlight these facts through skit and presentations.  Perfect opportunity was provided to discuss in class some of the challenges associated with an ever growing global society and the increasing population. The students expressed their deep concern and care for the healthy growth and safety of human race. They showcased the consequences of population explosion that included food and water shortage, war and social conflict and depletion of natural resources. The purpose of conducting this activity was to spread awareness about the dire consequences of population explosion. The celebration concluded with the message that we need to serve humanity by encouraging sustainable development through judicious use of natural resources and take measures to control the population.