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Art Week

Date : 09 October, 2017

“Art is an expression having deep connection with learning. When you engage hands-on with certain topics through art, you are creating your own learning and are deepening your level of understanding about a certain topic.”

 The Iconic School celebrated the Art Week whereby students engaged in designing creative paintings and other unique forms of art. The school proposed this innovative concept to promote art-based learning along with academics which is an integral principle of the programme. Each grade was taught a different technique, thus inspiring the students to make art-work of various styles. Children expressed their imagination on canvas. They made Mandna painting which is one of the oldest forms of tribal art in India that has survived over the ages. They smeared the white canvas with a spectrum of designs and gave form to their imagination. Every day the students had an hourly slot where they did diverse forms of art and craft. They were happy to take their eye-catching art work home.

 The students got an opportunity to meet Mr. Akhilesh an eminent artist who was the guest speaker of the week. He motivated students and also guided them about the different styles of paintings. The students eagerly asked multiple questions related to art types, art and passion and art as a career option.