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Children must be taught

how to think, not what to think.


The Iconic Opening

Date : 29 March, 2017

The Iconic School Day 1

WOW Wednesday

The day of new beginnings and new goals… with laughter, enthusiasm and happiness around, yes…it was day 1 of The Iconic School, Bhopal. The enthusiastic team welcomed the students in the school lots of zest and zeal. The school children entered the building and explored their bodily kinesthetic skills by walking on the tracks and through the game of ‘Green light, Red light’ and enjoyed applying logic to find their way to the school building through a maze.  The students had refreshing breakfast followed by their first assembly of the session. The assembly started with a melodious welcome song and then it was presided by the Principal Ms. Manija Subramanium where she guided and encouraged the children with her motivating words followed by an introduction round for all the educators and team members. The assembly concluded with the pledge and the National Anthem.

 The young dynamic children entered their classrooms with great enthusiasm. They were briefed about ice breaking session- They played exciting games like snow ball in which they had to write about themselves in a sentence or two on a paper and then they had to crumple the paper in the shape of ball and were asked to throw. The students were asked to pick up any ball, read what was written and guess who that student is. This session was full of fun and interaction.  Then came the time to test the memory skills and the number of things the students can memorize. They tried their best to memorize the maximum and prove their best. To have a feel of dramatics, the students went for a session by Helen ‘ O ‘ Grady academy, where they were trained by the experts with whom they enacted different situations with various expressions and voice modulations. They were given a situation, in which they had to show that they are sad, then a situation full of excitement and a situation where they were getting drowned and had to ask for help. They had great fun by expressing their creative talents.

To mark the new beginnings the students planted different vegetables in the vegetable bay also symbolizing growth. Then came the time to explore the different location of school. The students played a game of ‘Treasure Hunt’ where they were divided into two groups. The team followed the clues and raced to reach first at the end point.

The young Iconic train entered a room which was full of rhythm and style.  They shook their bodies on the beautiful dance numbers. Their dance made them perform rhythmically and took lot of delight in the different movements.

This spectacular performance was followed by ‘Lunch Time’ where they enjoyed delicious food served to them. They relaxed for few minutes and then were led to the creative den that’s the ‘Visual Art Room’. Over there they got hands on with Stone Art, Tie and Dye, Best out of waste and Clay Molding. The children were very excited to bring their imagination on stones and making different patterns on the cloth using the tie and dye method.

The kids transformed themselves into budding scientist and did different experiment in science and fiction room. They explored ‘Air pressure’ through series of activities like ‘Air pressure in bottle with balloon, Straw and water, Absorption of water in sponge and candle burning.

The day ended by making delicious food…Yes the kids were eager to cook and copy their mothers. The creative chefs of Grades 1 – 4 made Sandwich and Fruit Salad and chef’s of Grades 5 – 8 made Pani Puris and Bhel. After preparing they relished the yummy snacks and shared their views about cooking. Soon it was time to say ‘Good Bye’ to Day 1 which was full of beautiful and exciting memories to take home.