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Intramural Table Tennis & Carrom Winners

Date : 31 August, 2019


Intramural games Carrom & Table Tennis played at school.

The highlight of competitions was our young referees Aryan Bansal (Gr-8) and Md.Ammar (Gr-8) who meticulously performed their duties as referee trained by Mr. Kedar, Coordinator sports


Table tennis competition (Grade 5 to 10)

Boys (singles)

Winner: Ansh Budhwani (Gr 10)

Runners up: Krishna Soni (Gr 9)

Girls (singles)

Winner: Mihika Agrawal (Gr 6)

Runners up: Vaidika Chauhan(Gr 5)


Carrom Competition

Mix Doubles (Gr 1 to 10)

            Grade 1 and 2

Winners: Alaina Raees  and Divyanshi Vyas (Gr-2)

Runners up: Rananjay Singh and Ansh Bhaskar (Gr-1)


              Grade 3 and 4

Winners: Aarohi Galphate and Aakarsh Sahu ( Gr-4)

Runners up: Arihant  Jain and Nanish Thareja (Gr-3)

                Grade 5 to 10

Winners: Yashi Agrawal and Tanisha Agrawal (Gr-10)

Runners up: Mohd Ammar  and Abhinav Parihar (Gr-8)