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Welcome to The Iconic School

The Iconic School is a progressive institution that aspires to provide the best education to the students under its care set within the reflection of values and a disciplined environment. The Iconic School will be instrumental and the means through which all its students will build their futures. We consider that Education is victorious when the school and parents are in partnership. The teaching and learning does not begin and end at the school gate. It is a partnership that we are all involved in and need to work together.

Our Vision

Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow.

To give to the world “Icons” who can win the hearts and minds of others, put service before self, and retain their humility and values even as they soar high.

Our teachers and teaching philosophy revolves around the same essence – of assisting students discover themselves and what they learn.

School in Bhopal
School in Bhopal


The Iconic School offers fun loving programs with the capability of causing kids participation in an activity or situation. Involvement inculcates teamwork that makes learning easy.

Schools in bhopal
education bhopal


The Iconic School provides an environment for our icons that can gradually but firmly establishes attitude in children’s mind which in turn instils in our student joy of learning.

Schools in bhopal
Schools in bhopal

Middle & Secondary

The curriculum provides a solid academic foundation and an environment in which the students feel comfortable to act in a way that can have a positive effect on each other.

Schools in bhopal
Schools in bhopal

Senior Secondary

Icons of our school can easily make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products. This is the age to explore the world of possibilities.

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Our Partnership
What you surround yourself with is what becomes your life.

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